Condenser Pre Coolers

Condenser Pre Coolers

Toro has a solution for saving 10 to 15% energy, increase unit capacity up to 30% and consuming 50% less water compared to direct misting systems, besides saving Air Cooled Condensers and CRACs from untimely breakdowns.

Toro Pre coolers use a combination of misting and cellulose adiabatic media in tandem to lower the ambient temperature during hot summers. Pre coolers are controlled by a microprocessor controller to initiate cooling automatically and stop the pumps as and when the ambient temperature is within the set limits.

Conventionally when the ambient dry bulb temperature goes above the 35 °C mark, the chillers not only start losing capacity to cool but also start consuming more energy. Rising ambient temperature results in increase in head pressures and the compressor will start tripping on HP switch to protect the system from compressor motor failure. High head pressures also increase the chances of refrigerant leakage and can end up in damaging the refrigeration system of the chiller and incur additional break down time and cost of recharging refrigerants.

Toro pre cooler can save all air-cooled refrigerative systems including large chillers and cold storages by lowering the ambient temperature near to the ARI test conditions.

Email us your chiller details and we will work out an energy saving plan for you.

Annualized savings between 25 & 30%


50% Lower water use
Low pressure drop
Longer pad life
Lowest life cycle costs
Temperatures always1-2°C below wet bulb
Enhances capacity
Reduces Energy use
Lowers peak demand
Reduces condensing temperature
Extends compressor life
Keeps condenser coils cleaner
Reduces condenser noise


Air Cooled Condenser Pre Cooling
Dry Cooler Pre Cooling
Transformer Pre Cooling

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