IDEC Two stage Evaporative Cooling

Toro IDEC Ambiator+ Two Stage Evaporative cooling systems are uniquely engineered and based on fully integrated air to air heat recovery system, which operates more efficiently, reliably, quietly and faster than a refrigeration based system.

Our IDEC Ambiator+ uses highly efficient En3 (Energy Cube) sensible Heat exchangers that operate in heat recovery mode and remove sensible heat before applying adiabatic cooling to 100% fresh air for cost effective comfort cooling in dry and composite climates.

Toro IDEC Ambiator+ systems are the most energy efficient, trouble free, cost effective and eco-friendly comfort cooling option for all Industrial, Commercial and Institutional buildings.

To meet diverse building cooling needs, these are available in standard packaged units starting from 5000 CFM to 1,50,000 CFM, with various unit heights and foot print possibilities.

Annualized savings 70% compared to Air Conditioning and 40% compared to Air Cooling


Energy Efficiency

  • EFF 1 Motors
  • Backward Curved Plenum Fans
  • VFD (included as standard)

Optimized Design

  • PLC Control
  • Pre Cooling for sensible heat removal
  • 100% Fresh Air
  • Lower operating costs
  • Packaged Product

Connectivity Options

  • ModBUS
  • BacNET


  • Automotive component plants
  • IC Engine Test Beds
  • Paint Booths
  • White Goods Manufacturing
  • News Paper Printing presses
  • Power Plants
  • Gas Turbine & IC Engine Inlet Cooling
  • Air Compressor Inlet cooling
  • Large Warehouses
  • Lobbies in Malls, Hospitals etc
  • Paint Booths
  • Industrial & commercial Buildings
  • Educational & public buildings

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