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Air Conditioners

A complete intelligent Dual Path Air Conditioner that uses half the compressor size, leading to less use of refrigerant gases, lower power consumption and improved indoor air quality by using En3 Sensible Heat Exchanger.


Air Handling Unit (AHU)

Dual Path Air Handling Units are used for cooling in zones / floors of a commercial building. This units uses En3 Sensible Heat Exchanger to reduce the work of a refrigeration chiller by 50% annually leading to high energy savings.


Fresh Air (TFA / DOAS)

Every building requires a constant source of fresh air for the well being of its occupants and to dilute the CO2 levels. Dual Path TFA uses En3 Sensible Heat Exchanger to reduce the work of a refrigeration chiller and provides free cooling whenever possible with lowest chilled water and power usage.



Ambiator+ is a cooling unit based on indirect direct evaporative cooling for offering relative comfort cooling for large spaces. It is a technological upgrade to industrial air washers / air coolers. It reduces energy and water use by 50% by using En3 Sensible Heat Exchanger.


Pre Cooler

Pre Coolers are used as an add on to air cooled condensers to restore their capacity to ISO conditions. The Pre Cooler can save up to 30% capacity, reduce break downs in hot ambient weather and restore original chiller capacity through out the year.

TORO Pre Coolers

TORO Sustainable Air Conditioning

Internet of Things

Business Sense

Cooling as a Service

Cooling as a Service : A convenient service, where you do not have to incur any capital expenditure and are able to enjoy the latest, state of the art, Energy Saving Air Conditioning system for your building.


  • Zero capital expense

  • Improved cash flow

  • Tax liability reduction

  • Green building – LEED rating

  • Maximum energy efficiency

  • Pay as you go plans

  • Expenses can be planned with flexibility

  • Lowest energy bills

  • Latest environment friendly HVAC technology

  • Product & service solutions bundled

  • Complete managed services

  • Single & multi-tenant analytics

  • Web / mobile monitoring

  • Automated maintenance alerts to us

TORO Remote Analysis and Control (TRAC)

Sustainable Air Conditioning Rental with Remote Monitoring


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